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The Clean Slate for Democracy is committed to raising the quality of public education in Arizona, protecting our natural world, increasing participation in civic engagement, and building an economy that works for all of us.

“Our Public Education should not be the ‘poorest of the poor.’”

Mike Fogel is a 29 year resident of Chino Valley. He is a retired educator who has held positions as high school social studies teacher, basketball coach, assistant principal and principal.  He continues to advocate for public education and currently sits on the Chino Valley School Board.

Mike Fogel
AZ Senate


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I am an American. Born, raised, and guided by our rich history and our national and state constitutions. I believe we must conserve our culture and change it, when needed. The founding fathers were flexible in their thinking—we should be too. After years of coaching college basketball I became a public high school social studies teacher in 1993 because I wanted to continue building a culture that strengthened our democracy. I taught students history so they could gain more political rights and economic opportunities. I taught critical thinking, rigorous research, and the citing of factual evidence so students could pursue the truth.

As a constitutionalist, I embrace the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution as leading documents in pursuit of liberal ideals that are worth conserving. I believe that our government is designed to positively assert itself in the protection of every citizen’s “unalienable rights”…of…“life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” I believe government ought to respond to the needs and desires of “we the people” in “order to form a more perfect union.” I have applied these principles both at home and abroad in my life’s work as a public school teacher, administrator, and basketball coach.

Throughout my life, I have worked to serve my family of five, community, and country with the grace of following the golden rule. In my mature years as a retired educator, I continue this work running for the AZ Senate of LD1 as a part of the Clean Slate for Democracy.

“Moms need an economy that works for everyone.’”

Cathy Ransom is a 19 year resident of the Verde Valley. She is a small business owner, artist, volunteer and mom of a high school Senior.  She grew up a navy brat, and chose the Verde Valley for its natural beauty.

Cathy Ransom
AZ House


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I am a professional administrator with a track record of listening, solving problems, and moving organizations forward. I love the Verde Valley, have raised my daughter here, and am committed to seeing the world she grows up in be a wonderful place to raise families in.

I have done administrative work in the medical field, engineering, and hospitality. I am especially proud of my work as a Legal Advocate for Victims of Domestic Violence and as a Court Appointed Special Advocate for children in the foster care system. With a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Philosophy I have been able to work flexibly throughout my life and serve my community in different ways. Whether I was working at a tech start-up or as a substitute teacher, whether as the elected president of a homeowner’s association, university trustee, or as the president of an alumni association, the same lessons for success apply—clear communication, heartfelt compassion, and creative problem solving.

I currently work as a business manager with OsteoStrong and run a micro-business from my home in Cottonwood, Arizona. As a mom who cares about the economic security of future generations, I think climate change must be addressed in due haste.

Headshot of Neil Sinclair

“Clean energy is the key to our future.’”

Neil Sinclair is a clean water advocate, solar electric system designer, and electric transportation executive dedicated to electric cars, bikes, buses, and solar powered electric mass transit. He is a father and grandfather and lives in Prescott, Arizona.

Neil Sinclair
AZ House


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I am dedicated to the advancement of solar energy, particularly in the field of mass transportation. As the Chairman of CyberTran International I am working to launch a new form of transportation for freight and transit that can be effectively powered by the sun and help make our economy more efficient and productive. My company works with the University of California’s Partners In Advanced Transit and Highways (PATH) and the U.S. Department of Energy to develop a zero-carbon footprint mass transit system.

I know citizen participation in government and community organizations increases success and benefits everyone. This knowledge has allowed me to successfully navigate government agencies and grassroot non-profits to advocate for clean water, solar energy, and a sustainable future. Democracy and education both need protection for each to survive and thrive.

Along with my wife I own an art gallery in downtown Prescott. With a long record of public service in human services, education, and environmental conservation, I am committed as a husband, father, and grandfather to keeping Arizona beautiful and productive for everyone.

Common Concerns

We have more in common than divides us!

Arizonans have many concerns in common; a healthy world and a productive economy for our families and communities. The Clean Slate for Democracy arose as a response to the neglect of critical issues facing our state. For decades the Arizona legislature has ignored our mutual concerns and focused on divisive fiscal and cultural policies. It’s time for leadership that safeguards our communities and brings us together.